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Mitch Koehler is a writer and musician from the suburbs of Philadelphia. Created in 2017, No Jokes was started as a collaborative group of writers and artists MK knew. We’re not afraid of the SJWs of the world. We know how to have fun at everyone’s expense and make millions doing it.


Some of MK’s favorite comedic inspirations include Broken Lizard, Workaholics, Malcolm in the Middle, South Park, Futurama, KOTH and All That. Koehler also wrote a children’s book, called ‘Life’s a Little PB & J’ which features the collages of fine artist, Joseph Opshinsky. Keep an eye out for an E-Book version which will be available sometime 2019,


Check the ‘Interviews’ page to catch up with some contemporary artists, writers, actors and directors. If anyone has Anders Holm’s email, that’d be awesome.