Hey guys — I’ve been super busy finding a new job and working on new projects, like Good Boy that I almost forgot about my precious website. I’ll be revamping everything soon, so expect like 4 new interviews with awesome people you NEED to know about! Why? because I care about you and the media that floods your brain. It’s overwhelming at times, and we need creative people to check us back into reality.

Still finishing that record of songs and looking forward to a new lineup, a trio. Also writing some screenplays. Chucky vs Leprechaun just needs some last minute revising, and then its off to the producers! If you’d like to read it yourself, email me at mitchkoehler92@gmail.com

Good Boy will likely be a 2019 release. Maybe waiting until the Spring. When all the dogs come out. Follow me on my new Instagram for progress updates: @mitch_koehler 


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