A young man wondered, what are the chances there are a heaven and hell?

Surely, there’s enough space in the universe to house such incredible and drastic worlds.

It doesn’t add up, he thought. Wouldn’t all conscious animals have to be there, including all beings who’ve walked the earth before today? Basically everything that ever had a brain, right?

So naturally, he asked Reddit. But the top post of the day had severe spelling errors and 18,000 upvotes, All he wanted to know was, “who could figure out the amount of humans (only humans… OK, maybe monkeys too, because of the severe similarities) that have walked the earth? That’s like 5-7 million years of evolution, according to science.

So, like a fool, the young man asked his mother.

She said “you’re a bad Jew. I don’t know where I went wrong raising you to not believe in god.

Her son replied “I didn’t say I don’t believe in god, I’m still spiritual. I’m just confused about the idea of an afterlife and who I’m supposed to be praying to when I pray. Wouldn’t it make more sense that our ashes and dead cells help fertilize the soil, and call it a day?

His mother grew disgusted by the second. “ She covered her ears, cranked up the television, and turned her back to her son. “No religion”, she thought.

“But I believe in science!” He replied.

Yuck. No response.

“But mother, don’t you think it’s more likely that we are all pieces of god? That everything we experience is a branch of the God-tree? If I was gifted with this ability to question my existence, isn’t that god’s fault? And certainly, I am not the first one to ask this question, as it has been asked many times before.”

Despising his behavior, his mother yelled at him to leave the room. She had enough.


Clearly he’s given this more thought than she ever has.

…or she knows something he doesn’t.

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