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Simple Picture Books Build Big Math Skills with Susie Ghahremani (boygirlparty)

Susie Ghahremani is an award-winning illustrator, internationally exhibiting artist, educator, entrepreneur, designer and an advocate for the illustration community. Her debut as author-illustrator – STACK THE CATS – published by Abrams Appleseed in May 2017 received several starred reviews, including this from Kirkus: “a book that can expand children’s thought processes.” STACK THE CATS was named a Best Book of 2017 […]

INTERVIEW: Brendan Fletcher On Doing What We Love (Podcast)

What makes someone successful at what they do? Is it something you’re born with? Hard work? Experience? Let’s just say our next guest, Brendan Fletcher, is no newbie to the world of acting and has the parts to prove it. Acting since he was 13, Brendan got his first big role in the television movie, Little Criminals in the […]

A Blast From The Past with Eric Kaplan (Podcast)

Eric Kaplan is a producer and writer, known for Fox classics like The Big Bang Theory, Futurama and my favorite sitcom of all time, Malcolm in the Middle. His work is Emmy-Award winning. Eric has also written for Flight of the Conchords, The Simpsons and published a philosophical book titled “Does Santa Exist?: A Philosophical Investigation”  Check out […]

The AMAZING Interview with Guillaume Cassuto (Gumball)

By Mitch Koehler The Amazing World of Gumball (also known simply as just Gumball) is an animated television series for Cartoon Network. Produced primarily by Cartoon Network Studios Europe, it first aired on May 3, 2011. One might think this animated series is about anthropomorphic chewing gum, but it’s about a young cat named Gumball Watterson. If […]

The Midwest Mistress with Robbie Barnes

By Mitch Koehler Today we chat with the beautiful and creative Robbie Barnes. No one knows more about the hustle than this actress, writer and director best known for her film, He Chose Her, and her latest movie, Whatever It Takes, among other thriller-esque projects. Move over Jodie Foster, there’s a new chick taking on the thriller […]

Talking Horror with Joe Barton (Netflix’s The Ritual)

Joe Barton has been a writer for the sci-fi show Humans and BBC’s Our World War. But, you might know him from his most recent film, the unpredictably original The Ritual, a new featured film on Netlflix. Barton wrote the screenplay for The Ritual and was cool enough to sit down and talk movies with us. […]

Slasher Victim – a Golden House Interview

By Mitch Koehler Hey Slasher Victim. So we talked about a month ago, and you enlightened me on a number of things. One, being you’re a filmmaker. The other was your masterpiece, REEL. 1. First off, what’s your “reel” name? My name is SlasherVictim666. I am the greatest director of all time and keeper of […]

Death House with B. Harrison Smith

By Mitch Koehler Harrison Smith is the writer and producer of the acclaimed thriller, “The Fields,” starring Oscar winner Cloris Leachman & Tara Reid, the Corey Feldman horror cult hit, “6 Degrees of Hell,” “Camp Dread” starring Oscar nominee Eric Roberts & horror icon Danielle Harris and the Billy Zane, Dee Wallace zombie action “Zombie […]