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October Update

Hey guys — I’ve been super busy finding a new job and working on new projects, like Good Boy that I almost forgot about my precious website. I’ll be revamping everything soon, so expect like 4 new interviews with awesome people you NEED to know about! Why? because I care about you and the media that floods […]


A young man wondered, what are the chances there are a heaven and hell? Surely, there’s enough space in the universe to house such incredible and drastic worlds. It doesn’t add up, he thought. Wouldn’t all conscious animals have to be there, including all beings who’ve walked the earth before today? Basically everything that ever […]

Predicting HOLOGRAMS – PART 1

  Let us talk about one of the next big technologies to take over the world.  Given the popularity of touchscreen phones, it’s likely that companies like Apple are and have already been working on prototypes of touch-holographic systems for phones, watches and computers. What does that look like? It probably starts out like a […]

Death House with B. Harrison Smith

By Mitch Koehler Harrison Smith is the writer and producer of the acclaimed thriller, “The Fields,” starring Oscar winner Cloris Leachman & Tara Reid, the Corey Feldman horror cult hit, “6 Degrees of Hell,” “Camp Dread” starring Oscar nominee Eric Roberts & horror icon Danielle Harris and the Billy Zane, Dee Wallace zombie action “Zombie […]